Black plating “SUGO-KURO” will suppress the reflection of light by the complexity of the surface shape. It is a low-reflection plating film to achieve less than 1% reflectance of the visible light region (380 ~ 750nm). It can contribute to reduce the noise in the image and error of the measured value by preventing the optical instrument such as a camera or a spectrophotometer stray light (Incident and scattering of unnecessary light).

Special Features

Less than 1% reflectance (the visible light region)

It will achieve a low reflectivity by suppression of light reflection by the special surface.

The total reflectance of "SUGO-KURO" (sample angle 5°)

Surface morphology

The principle of blackening

Thin film (approx. 3 μm)

Because it is a very thin film of about 3μm, it is ideal for products dimensional accuracy is required.

Excellent heat and ultraviolet resistance

Black paint and black anodized aluminum with an organic paint will fade or discolor by heat and ultraviolet rays. Our black plating will have a strong durability, because of its inorganic coating. We confirmed that it can withstand temperature of 300℃.

Prevention of outgas

In a vacuum environment, such as outer space, organic paint may generate outgas. Outgas may cause corrosion of the peripheral parts and fogging of lenes. Our black plating will be able to prevent the occurrence of outgas, because it does not use an organic coating.

RoHS Compliance

We comply with the RoHS directive, because SUGO-KURO does not contain hexavalent chromium unlike conventional blackening. SUGO-KURO can be applied for the European product.

Application Examples




Security cameras






Observation satellites

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