Pioneer of next-generation surface treatment

Credo / Environmental and Quality Policy 

Credo / Environmental and Quality Policy 

Company Policy


VISIONWhat we strive to be

Transcending industries and borders,
surface treatment experts who rewrite the conventions of manufacturing.

Wherever there is manufacturing, there is always plating. There is always surface treatment. In other words, there is no manufacturing that doesn’t need us.

This is precisely why we strive to be a company that is needed in every field, going beyond the traditional industries of automobiles, electrical appliances, electronic goods, etc.

We provide practical solutions that amaze our customers with the many applications of plating.

As plating evolves, so does manufacturing. Beyond our borders, we will make the quality of “Made in Japan” known to the world once again.

We will create not only plating, but the future of the manufacturing industry itself.

MISSIONWhat we aim to do

Prepare for the future. Predict problems.
Continue to chase, challenge, and create new technologies.

International trends are changing at an astonishingly fast pace. In the midst of this continuous change, the goal is not just to stay hot on the heels of trend. It is not to copy other companies or even imitate our competitors.

It is to fix our vision on the future and continually search for the seeds of the next business. It is to overcome the speed of change, tackle problems that no one else can solve, and constantly create new technologies.

We listen to the current problems of our clients around the world, imagine how we can satisfy their needs, and propose solutions. This is where the development of unprecedented new technologies begins.

VALUESHow we aim to do business

First-class operations in business and manufacturing.

Our 6 Promises

1. Prioritizing both technology and relationships

We strive to develop new advancements in technology. At the same time, we prioritize good communication with business partners. Good business is born from strong relationships.

2. Fostering a sense of appreciation and gratitude

We will show our appreciation to colleagues, customers, and business partners. Acknowledging each other’s contributions and achievements creates a healthy and positive environment for us all to thrive in.

3. Moving forward fearlessly

Very little can be gained in a culture that fears failure. New solutions cannot be found if we give up after a setback. We must always persevere in the face of great difficulties, and accept new challenges without hesitation.

4. Learning from a wider global perspective

A successful business must extend beyond the confines of its own laboratory. We must pay attention to the needs of the wider world, and learn from industries and individuals outside our immediate scope. We need to learn from, and be of use to, the world around us.

5. Development and profit, hand-in-hand

R&D of new technologies alone is not enough. We always focus on connecting it to mass production. Understanding the needs of our customers, and how we can generate profit for them, is our utmost priority.

6. Not “Who will do it?” but “I will do it.”

The driving force behind a project is neither the manager nor the team. It is none other than you. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you what to do. Be proactive with your input. Be decisive and act quickly. This mindset is what propels our company forward.

Environmental Policy

This policy has been approved by our board of directors, and expresses that enviornmental management is a top priority for us.

Ebinax is located within the Keihin Industrial Zone in Haneda, Tokyo. Environmental preservation is our duty in a locale which includes airport-related offices, apartments, and municipal housing.

In addition to developing surface treatment methods for metals, plastics, and ceramics, the main business of us includes cultivating new technologies to meet the needs of the world, creating new markets for our customers, and contributing to society.

All employees are active in waste reduction and recycling efforts to positively impact the environment, which was made a stated goal of our company in 1999.

Our mission includes the following:

  • Developing environmentally-friendly surface treatment methods
  • Reduction of resource and chemical usage
  • Reduction of waste

In addition, our business activities may impact water quality due to chemicals, and affect the working areas and the surrounding neighborhood with foul odors.

To prevent this, we complies with laws and regulations, works to reduce pollution, and continuously improves its environmental management system.

We inform all employees of these policies, and actively work to achieve the annual, medium-, and long-term goals we set in accordance to those policies.

These policies will also be announced and made available to the general public.

Quality Policy

“Creating products that give hope and inspiration to the world.”

We are committed to achieving excellent standards of manufacturing while putting a top priority on the environment to bring happiness to the world.