How much is the low reflectivity of the black plating series?

Our black plating series has three types, SUGO-KURO, Tough black and Crystal black. Reflectance in the visible light region and reflectance in the infrared region are as follows.

The visible light region

In the visible light region (380-750nm), SUGO-KURO has the most excellent reflection of 1% and under.


The infrared region

In the infrared region (we measured the region of 780 ~ 2300nm), tough black has the most excellent reflectance about 3%.

The above is data measured by Hitachi High-Technologies Co., Ltd. U-4100 form spectrophotometer. Reflectance is calculated by the ratio of the reflection intensity (relative reflectance) when the reflectivity of the alumina sintered body was measured as a baseline of 100%.

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