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Privacy Policy 

Ebina denka kogyo Co., Ltd. (referred to as “us” henceforth) tries to protect the privacy of the user and provide as below the treatment of the personal information of the user in “Ebina denka kogyo web site” (referred to as “this site” henceforth).

1.The treatment of personal information

When we acquire personal information from a user with the administration of this site, we use the personal information concerned only with the use purpose that we have obtained consent from the user before beforehand unless it is admitted that I correspond to one of below. In addition, we will keep in consideration the rights and privileges of the user when we use personal information for the confirmation of the user and various connections necessary for the offer of this service.

  1. 1. When we use or offer the personal information besides the collection purpose we will obtain the user’s consent beforehand.
  2. 2. When we disclose personal information when you entrust a third party with duties about this site administration under the confidentiality contract as far as it is necessary for the accomplishment of the duties concerned or use.
  3. 3. Under the non-disclosure agreement.
  4. 4. When we use the marketing data for the purpose of our business conduct and our service improvement.
  5. 5. When we entrust a third party with counting, analysis, management of the personal information under the non-disclosure agreement.
  6. 6. When we have to use or offer personal information by order of the law and ordinances or the court (agreement about the information distribution from us with E-mails).

2-1.The safety management of personal information

We manage the personal information of the customer provided strictly and shall take measures to prevent loss, destruction, manipulation and leaks.

2-2.The inquiry, correction, elimination, etc. of personal information

When inquiry, correction or deletion is hoped for about the personal contents which you provide, please request it to the inquiry counter that is concerned. After having been able to confirm that the request by the customer, we disclose, correct or delete the personal information of the customer.

2-3.Personal information of customer under 16 years

We pay maximum attention about the protection of the information of the customer under 16 years of age.
About the personal information of the customer under 16 years, by all means we hope that you provide it with an agreement of the guardian.

3.About access log

In our corporate site, we collect the information such as an IP address, the kind of the browser, the reference URL from the access log.
We use the gleanings for the analyses of the tendency to use of the website as statistics information, but there cannot be the thing reflected by personal information.

4.The compliance of related legislation and other norms

We observe laws and ordinances about the protection of the personal information and other associated models.

5.The modification of our privacy policy

We may change this privacy policy with the changes such as laws and ordinances. I place it for a certain period of time in this site and notify a customer of the contents for change.

6.Inquiry counter

Personal information charge: Kosuke Ebina