Pioneer of next-generation surface treatment

Our Goal 

Our Goal

We aspire to push the envelope of cutting-edge surface treatments and contribute to the future of manufacturing. We seek to transform from a “reactive” to a “proactive” company which generates ideas and solves problems.
We believe that by embracing this change, we can continue to provide innovative solutions and create value for our clients.

■ Open Innovation

Our new facility "The Workshop" was established to enable a broad approach to manufacturing beyond just surface treatment.
By acquiring technologies and know-how from other fields and combining them with our own technologies, we seek to provide solutions from new perspectives.

■ “Metalism”: a Group of Manufacturing Specialists

“Metalism” was founded by seven like-minded companies. In 2021, we opened a lounge at Haneda Innovation City to showcase and exchange technologies.
As manufacturing specialists with superior technological capabilities, we aim to solve our customers' problems.

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