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Glass Through-Hole Processing 

Glass Through-Hole Processing 

High quality and precise glass through-holes

Special Features

Free of microcracks, chipping, induced stress, etc.

Smooth Inside Walls of Microholes

Ultra-dense microholes

Miniaturization and integration of devices

Technical Superiority

Superiority of Ebinax’s Process

We offers ultra-dense microholes with high quality.

  Ebinax’s Process Laser Shot Blast
Diameter of microhole(<100μm)      
Microcracks, Chipping      
Roughness of inside walls      


High-quality Through-hole Processing

Ebinax’s process makes ultra-dense microholes without microcracks or chipping.

Smooth Inside Walls of Microholes

The inside walls of our microholes have a roughness of Ra≦0.08 μm.

Design Specs

Standard Design

Size in 4 × 4, 6 × 6
Thickness (A)μm 200-500
Via’s Top Diameter (B)μm 30-100 ±5
Via’s Mid Diameter (C) B/2+
Via’s Pitch (D) 2 × B
Aspect Ratio(=B:A) 1:10(approx.)
Via’s Positional Accuracy μm ±5
Via’s Positional Accuracy μm Straight ・ Hourglass ・ Tapered

Through-glass via cross-section/p>

These dimensions are for example only. Please contact us with your exact specifications.

Substrate Materials

Alkali-free glass

Plating Examples

Conformal Plating

Through-hole Filling

Application Examples

Purpose Application Field
Electricity Sensors, Switches, Semiconductor package substrates, Testing equipment Medical technology, Biotechnology, Telecommunications, Electric appliances, Electronics, Industrial equipment, Semiconductors
Liquid Micro nozzles, Ink jet head parts, Testing equipment Medical, Electronics, Industrial equipment
Light Shielding plates, Microfilters, Electron beam aperture, Precision shielding plates, Testing equipment, Displays Medical, Biotechnology,Electronics, Industrial equipment, Semiconductors

Production Flow Chart

Ebinax has an integrated production system from material procurement to dicing glass substrate.

  • Consultation / Order

  • Material procurement

  • Glass through-hole processing

  • Plating (electrode formation)

  • Polishing / Dicing

  • Delivery


Please contact us with your needs and specifications.

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