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left: Small nozzle, right: Enlarged picture of 34G side tip

Electrocasting (electroforming) can be used to produce fine nozzle shapes and seamless ultrafine tubes, which are difficult to produce by machining or cutting.

Metal is deposited on the surface of the core (matrix) in the electrolyte.

High-performance Nozzle

Patented original technology

Patent No. 5294101 (Supersonic nozzle)

Flow path Ra1.0 or less

Fluid outlet φ20 to 100 μm


Precious Metal Pipes

Less burr, deformation, and distortion during cutting process

I.D. 30 µm-, Thickness 5 µm-

Various types of metals

Pt, Au, Ag, Ni, Cu, Zn, etc.





Micro Tip-Cap Tube

Microtubes with conical closed ends

The tip forms a conical space

Clean interior walls, no distortion or deformation

I.D. 2-5 µm, O.D. 20-30 µm


Special Needle

Min. diameter 34G, inner surface Ra 1.6 or less

Smooth tapered shape with low pressure loss

Long tapered tube

Various tip shapes can be selected

All taper / tip aperture / side hole / Laval nozzle

Tip Shapes

Available in a variety of materials

Au, Ag, Cu, Pt, Ni, DLC, etc.

Application Examples


Water cutters

High pressure

Pressure washers




Observation satellites

Mach jets

Ultra-small Mach jets

Injection needle

Injection needles

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