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“3LM” LDS Technology 

“3LM” LDS Technology 

Sample: Daiei Electronics Co., Ltd.

“3LM” (3 Laser Metallization) is our micro-wiring formation technology (MID technology) via LDS (Laser Direct Structuring). 3LM forms a metal film directly on resin through laser irradiation on LDS material.

MID car

Sample: Daiei Electronics Co., Ltd.


Substrate-less, integrated chassis and wiring

Number of components reduced through an FPC-less design

Allows for fine wiring formation

Capable of wiring down to L/S = 0.15/0.15mm

Wiring in narrow spaces and complex shapes made possible

Allows for designs that are difficult with FPCs

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Advantages of Our LDS Technology

Ability to consider optimal conditions for both “laser” and “plating”.

We are the first company in Japan to introduce LDS laser equipment, and leverage our extensive experience in plating technology to provide the optimal solution.

Domestic integrated production process

We provide end-to-end domestic services, covering prototyping, mass production, and even outsourcing management.

Sole LDS-certified factory in Japan

While complying with LDS material certification standards, we also possess extensive knowledge of resin materials.

LDS Materials

We provide the most suitable materials for our customer’s specific needs, including PC/ABS, PC, PA, LCP, etc.

List of LDS-compliant materials (link to LPKF website)>>

Usage Examples

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Application Examples



Wireless earphones

Wireless Earphones

smart glasses


Smart Speakers


smart lights


smart lock


payment terminals

Payment Terminals

Mobile terminal parts

Portable Terminal Components

medical equipments

Medical Equipment

Automobile parts

Automobile Parts

IoT Terminal Components

IoT Terminal Parts