Analysis Equipment

Our company has deployed state-of-the-art analysis equipment of industry-leading. We make the liquid analysis management of the plating process, surface analysis and test evaluation of materials and plating sample. And we strive to develop the quality stabilization of the prototype and mass production, and solutions.

For Analyzing Surfaces

  • X-Ray Diffractometer
  • Digital Optical Microscope
  • Scanning electron microscope(SEM)
  • Field emission scanning electron microscope(FE-SEM)
  • Energy dispersive X-ray analyzer(EDS)
  • Surface roughness measuring instrument(Laser type)
  • Colar laser microscope
  • Atomic force microscope(AFM)
  • Measuring microscope
  • Absorption spectrophotometer(for solid measurement)
  • Ar Ion beam Cross section polisher(CP)
  • X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy(XPS ESCA)
  • X-ray diffractometer(XRD)
  • Differential scanning calorimetry(DSC)
  • Impedance measurement device

For Analyzing Solutions

  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometry(AAS)
  • Inductivity Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer(ICP-OES)
  • High-performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC)
  • Ion Chromatograph(IC)
  • High-performance Capillary Electrophoresis System(HPCE)
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer(UV-Vis)
  • Cyclic voltammetry stripping(CVS)
  • Polarograph
  • Automatic Titrator(AT)
  • Surfactant titrator
  • Surface tensiometer

Test Evaluation

  • Intensity testing device
  • Ultra small push in hardness testing machine
  • Temperature and humidity cold cycle testing device
  • Constant temperature and humidity testing machine
  • Pressure cooker test machine
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