What is MID?

MID (Molded Interconnect Device) is resin molded part with wiring and electrodes formation. In addition, recently Germany MID Association 3-D e.V. reviewed the definition of three-dimensional wiring processing of non-injection-molded article as “Mechatronic Integrated Device”.


Sample offer:LPKF Laser & Electronics K.K.

Strong points

This technology has the feature that can form a 3D three-dimensional wiring directly to the resin casing. It is different from conventional PCB (Printed circuit board, printed circuit board) or a FPC (Flexible Printed Circuits, flexible printed circuit board), and the wire harness.


Sample offer: DAIEI Electronics Co., Ltd.

It is possible to create a wiring formation that does not depend on the board or harness. It can have an excellent product design. For example, it is miniaturization and weight reduction by reducing the number of parts. And a flexible design independent of the substrate shape and harness shape is possible.


Sample offer: Gunze Co., Ltd.


It is expected to be use for things such as the built-in antenna for smart phone and the proximity sensor for smart phones, wearable devices, wiring for camera modules, automotive pressure sensors, millimeter wave sensors, LED back lamps, steering switches, and small medical parts.


MID process

MID method is classified into One-shot molding and Two-shot molding.

One-shot molding

It is the circuit forming method by selective plating and laser processing.

Example are LDS (Laser Direct Structuring) developed by LPKF Laser & Electronics Co., Ltd. and so on.

Two-shot molding

It is the circuit forming method using masking and selective plating.



Advocate of 3D-MID by IPC (IPC Association Connecting Electronics Industries)


Establishment of MIDIA (Molded Interconnect Device International Association)


Establishment of the 3D-MID e.V. Research Association


Establishment of the Japan MID Study Group


MIDIA sponsored International Symposium held (Chicago)


Change from Japan MID Study Group to Japan MID Association (MID)


MIDIA is broken up, joined the 3D-MID e.V. Research Association


Japan MID Association sponsored international symposium held (University of Tokyo Institute for Biological Science)

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