What is plating?

Plating is a generic term that applies to techniques for depositing metals on solid surfaces such as metals or non-metals.


 Plating is used for three purposes: functionality, corrosion resistance and decoration.

Corrosion resistance

Plating that imparts corrosion resistance is called “anti-corrosive plating(rust plating)”. It will be used to protect the material from rust.


Plating that impart decorative properties is called “decorative plating”. It will be used in order to beautify the appearance.


Plating that imparts functionality is called “function plating”. It is used to give electrical properties, mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties, optical properties and thermal properties.


Plating is said to have been done from the 1500 BC Mesopotamia civilization about 3500 years ago from now.We will show you a simple history.

BC 1500

Iron was tin-plated in north Mesopotamia.


The Buddha of Todai-ji Temple was gold-plated by the amalgam process.


Elkington developed a gold plating by a dipping method.


Jacob developed copper plating by a electrolytic method.


Nariakira Shimazu of Satsuma clan gold-plated and silver-plated onto armor products (Japan’s first case of electroplating).


Yutaka Miyakawa industrialized the nickel plating ( Japan’s first case of plating industrialization).


Electroless nickel plating in Japan industrialized.

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