What is LDS?

LDS (Laser Direct Structuring) is the three-dimensional wiring formation technology (MID technology) that LPKF Laser & Electronics Co., Ltd. developed.

LDS method uses the dispersion resin material of metal complex. The complex is used as a catalyst nucleus by reducing by laser light. A circuit is formed by selective plating.


Sample offer: DAIEI Electronics Co., Ltd.


3D wiring can be formed by 4 simple manufacturing process 1) injection molding, 2) laser activation, 3) metallization (plating), 4) assembly. We provide the process of 2) laser activation and 3) metallization (plating).

Injection molding

It is produced by injection molding with LDS dedicated plastic that is contained in the metal catalyst.

LDS Injection molding

Laser activation

It is irradiated with infrared laser only to the wiring formation location. Irradiated portion is activated.

LDS Laser activation


Wiring is formed by copper – nickel – gold plating.

LDS Plating


It is possible to use the reflow soldering for the heat-resistant resin.

LDS Assembly

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