What are the plating specifications and performance of the LDS?

Plating specification, adhesion strength of the plated film, wiring resistance value is as follows (our record).

Plating specification

The upper limit of the plating thickness is as follows.

Electroless plating: Cu 20μm + Ni 10μm + Au 0.5μm
Electroplating: Cu 40μm + Ni 10μm + Au 0.5μm

Cu is required as an adhesion layer, and Ni is required as a diffusion prevention of Cu and Au.

Adhesion strength

It has high adhesion strength of the peel strength 0.6 ~ 1.0kg / cm (0.6~1.0N/mm).

*It depends on the laser conditions and the type of the resin material.

Usual plating onto plastic has the peel strength 0.2 ~ 0.7kg / cm (0.2~0.7N/mm).

Wiring resistance value

It has about 1.6 times the metal Cu.

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