Credo / Enviromental and Quality Policy


VISIONThe state which we should aim for

Surpass the industry, surpass the border
To the Surface treatment expert which change the common sense of the industry

The plating and the surface technologies surely exist where the industry exists.
Therefore, no industry exists without us.
Therefore, We should aim for the state in which we are needed by every industry.

For example, the auto mobiles, the electronic products, the electronic parts and so on.
the electronic parts and so on.

“It is surprising to solve such a problem by plating”
Let us develop amazing technologies, and supply the applicable solutions to customers.

When the plating evolves, the industry will evolve.
From Japan to the world.
Let us make the world be acquainted again with the excellent quality of products which are made in Japan.

We will be the maker which makes not only the plating products but also the future of the industry.

MISSIONWhat our goals should be

What is coming in the next generation?
Where does the difficult problem exist?
Keep searching, keep challenging,
and keep developing the new technologies

The change of the technologies is surprisingly very speedy.
What we shouldn’t do is run after a person closely,
and also not imitate and mimic others

Always fix our vision on the future and search the seeds of the next business.
Surpass the speed of the age, keep challenging the subject which nobody can solve,
and keep developing the new technologies.

What do people in the world and our clients need?
What do we supply to people to make them more satisfied?
Let us imagine, listen to the problem, and make suggestions.
The development which doesn’t exist anywhere starts from there.

VALUEThe action we should take

Be first class for the industry
Be first class for the business

Our 6 Promises

1.Improve your technology skills. Improve your human nature.

We should search the new development and the new technology as an industrial person.
At the same time, you should improve your communication skill as a business person.
Let’s acquire the human nature to be loved.
The good business is born from good human relations.

2.Say “Thank you” to everyone.

“Try again next time.” “Try even harder.” Sense of accomplishment give that positive feeling.
And when we are appreciated by someone, we can get the most sense of achievement.
Let’s say “Thank you” to colleagues, customers, partners.

3.Continue challenging without fear of failure.

The reason why no new challenge is the feeling to fear failure and the culture which does not allow failure.
If we give up with one or two failures, we can not create our own solution.
Don’t be afraid of failure and try many times. The new added value that overturns common sense is created by that challenge.

4.Let’s go out from the office. Learn from the world.

The business needed from the world isn’t born from only inside the laboratory.
Now, let’s meet our clients. Let’s learn from the world.
Let’s learn the various industries and the needs of the world.And let’s catch the sense of the useful work.

5.Only the development is halfway, it will be perfect with profiting.

We mustn’t be satisfied with only the development of the new technologies.
We must always have a sense which surely leads to mass-production.
What is the client’s need?How do we profit?
When we know all of the business structure, we will understand the work to do.

6.Not who will do, but I will do

The main protagonist of your job isn’t the project team or your boss.
It is no one but you.
Don’t wait for orders.
If we realize something, immediately make suggestions.
When we decide, act quickly.
The gathering of the consciousness will change and advance the company.

Environmental Policy

This policy is attested by a board of directors, and environmental management is expressed as the first subject in the management of Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd is located in the Keihin industrial of Haneda area in Tokyo. It is important to do our duty of environmental preservation under the situation where an airport-related office, an apartment, and a municipal housing are built and located around here.

The main business of Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd is to develop surface treatment methods that add qualities on to metals, a plastics and ceramics, then suggesting the new technology to new products which the world needs, receiving the order of the surface preparation processing, finding a new market for the customer, and contributing to society.

All employees actively participate to achieve in reduction and recycling continuously with items that may give a significant effect on the environment due to its operations, since it has become a goal for our company in 1999.

Include the next items in it.

  • Actively develop a surface treatment method that cares for the     environment and make it practical.
  • Reduce resources and chemical substances.
  • Reduction of waste

And, in the business activities of our company, the influence of water quality by chemicals and the influence of the bad odor to the workroom and the neighborhood etc may occur.

To prevent this Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd obey the relating regulations and make efforts in reducing pollution and the burden on the environment.

We inform all employees of this policy, and work actively to make goals for mid and long term target for the year which are drawn up based on this principle.

And this policy is exhibited to the general public by the Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Quality Policy

“Manufacturing gives the hope and excitement to the world.”

Ebina Denka Kogyo Co., Ltd. will achieve the excellent manufacturing with quality and the environment as the top priority to bring happiness in the world.

Shinya Ebina, Chief Executive Officer

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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